Branding for Team Sports Organization

Reviewed On: May 13, 2020
Review For: Project

Project Summary

Exit10 has undertaken a number of marketing responsibilities including website and logo design, marketing strategy, and brand management.

Feedback Summary

Exit10's work has been professional and impactful. They remained flexible and resonsive throughout the project and continue to provide marketing services.

Overall rating:
Willing to Refer

$10,000 - $49,999
JUN 03, 2016

The quality of the work's been superb. They have allowed us to project an image much larger than what we actually are.


World Team Sports is a nonprofit that specializes in creating and hosting athletic events for people with disabilities.

I am the president and CEO.

Opportunity / Challenge:

Our marketing resources were stretched a little thin, so we brought on Exit10 to handle most of that work for us.


They've helped us with several challenges: they redesigned our website, consolidated and updated all of our logos, and worked on our branding. They've also helped us design and produce our annual report for the last four years.

They came to us as a referral. Another organization had said that they had worked with them and had good luck with them. Based on that reference, we talked to them and talked to a couple of other companies, and they were very receptive to our input, very flexible in offering their own ideas, but not trying to shoehorn us into doing what they want us to do. They work with us as a part of our team. They don't just provide you something and say, "Here, you're stuck with it." They listen to what we say, and they act as an integral part of my entire management team.

On a yearly basis, we're in the $10,000 to $50,000 range. On a multiyear basis, obviously, we're much higher than that.

We have an ongoing contract with them. We are on a retainer basis.

Results & Feedback:

The quality of the work's been superb. They have allowed us to project an image much larger than what we actually are. We are a very small nonprofit. We have three full-time staff, and everybody else is volunteer-based. Due to the products and input that we've received from Exit10, we look externally like a much larger organization.

I think Exit10 has an uncanny ability to sit down with us, take my incoherent ramblings, and come back with a designed product that captures all of our needs very well.

So far – no issues. They've been very highly flexible and easy to work with. I'd recommend them to anyone.


Overall Score: 5

Quality: 5

Cost: 5

It's been worth every penny.

Scheduling: 5

They always hit their timelines.

Willing to Refer: 5

They're fantastic. Of course, I would recommend them.