Brand Creation for Baltimore Nonprofit

Reviewed On: May 13, 2020
Review For: Project

Project Summary

Exit10 conducted a branding campaign from the ground up. This included identity formation and brand strategy. Over a few months they overhauled all marketing efforts including website design, collateral production, and advertising campaigns.

Feedback Summary

Exit10's work contributed to a 1,000% increase in budget for community projects. Not only did Exit10 produce great work, but they maintained a personal approach. Their marketing strategies have proven essential to growth and this partnership is expected to continue.

Overall rating:
Willing to Refer

$10,000 - $49,999
JUN 02, 2016

...they took the time to understand our organization and our community


Pigtown Main Street is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Baltimore, Maryland. Our focus is community development in the Pigtown neighborhood of Southwest Baltimore, particularly with our small businesses and commercial property owners along our commercial quarter.

I am the executive director.

Opportunity / Challenge:

We were in a position where our organization was ramping up our efforts and transitioning, and we did not have a strong brand or identity for our organization. It was important because we are the most active organization in our community, so we wanted to have an exceptionally strong brand to make up for that. We reached out to Exit10 to develop a branding campaign and identity for our organization.


It was really comprehensive. We met with Exit10 and their creative team and partners, and shared with them what the opportunities were in our neighborhood and some of the challenges. They developed a creative brief, and then we worked on some different design concepts with them to work through our values. Then, after that, developed the identity and branding. We've been working with them on retainer to develop different messaging for events, advertising campaigns, website, and banners among other things.

Exit10 has a relationship with one of our board members, who had worked with them before. They came highly recommended.

It started in 2013 and took several months to develop the branding and to get our board's approval and do the creative brief. We've used them periodically since. Most of that work started and took place in 2013.

Results & Feedback:

It's been quite dramatic. In our neighborhood, we've had some perception challenges about our community. This unified branding has been important. Our website, banners, and logos kind of work with each other – even our event collateral. It's been a very consistent look and feel, which was important for us. The campaigns that we've been able to execute raised awareness of our neighborhood. Our organization has grown tremendously since we've worked with them. Our budget's grown. When I was hired as executive director, maybe six months prior to working with Exit10, we had a budget of $25,000. Now we're at more than $200,000. Much of that is because of the work we've been able to do collaboratively to help raise awareness of our organization and attract philanthropic dollars and other investors in our community.

Throughout the project, both when we are were working intensely with Exit10 and now when the work is a little more sporadic. They have remained just as engaged and just as responsive to us. We've always had a great, dedicated account executive there, which I think has been a big part of our success with them. We always knew who to go to with our questions.

I think they're really creative. Their designs were wonderful. One of the other things I think is great is they're a local company for us, which is a big deal. They're invested here in Baltimore, and they took the time to understand our organization and our community. I think that expertise set them apart to be able to identify an identity for our organization that spoke to our constituents and stakeholders.

I think they're a great asset and a great partner to work with. They have been excited to work with us and really motivated, which with any business partner makes the experience so much more enjoyable. It's been a very positive experience all around.


Overall Score: 5

It’s been very positive. It’s been a great opportunity for us.

Quality: 5

Their work is phenomenal.

Cost: 0

I think we’re in an unusual circumstance because a lot of the stuff has been pro bono.

Scheduling: 4

They’ve done pretty well. There’s maybe been some miscommunication there sometimes.

Willing to Refer: 5