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LaunchPad Lab is a web development firm. We build and grow businesses through web and mobile. Our clients include startups, non profits and Fortune 500 companies. We focus on using our technology expertise to help our clients exceed their business goals. To do that, we design and build innovative solutions with close attention to user experience. Visit and let us help you build and grow your business!

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Founded : 2012

Employees : 2 - 9

Avg Hourly Rate: $150 - $199

Min. Project Size: Undisclosed


Key Clients

We crafted an online trading platform andresearch tool called Algofast.

We teamed up with Hanson to launch a new website that promotes their latest album and world tour. MMMbop.

Chesapeake Energy: We builta survey mobile app that they use on their oil rigs to improve saftey.

Cancer Research: We are building toolsto help scientists find the cure for cancer.

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LaunchPad Lab:
650 W Lake St
Chicago, Illinois 60661
+1 703-444-0505

Focus Areas/Specialities

  • Web Design
    • Ruby on Rails
  • Web development
    • AJAX
    • Heroku
    • Ruby
    • Ruby on Rails


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