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The myth of the full-service agency is absurd in an age when the number of services has exploded, media choices are more complex, and virtual teams are the norm. We say, as you should:Do in-house what you do best, and turn to pros for all the rest.

Stuff we do pretty damn well:
  • Branding, to make our clients visible, differentiated, and urgent.
  • Company naming and product naming. Re-naming, too.
  • Logos, taglines, corporate identity
  • Marketing Automation to measure the ROI of every tactic
  • Graphic design
  • Web design, programming,SEO.
  • Video and animation content
Stuff we don't do well so we partner with excellent affiliates:
  • PR
  • Events
  • Qual and quant research execution
  • Programmatic

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Founded : 1987

Employees : 10 - 49

Avg Hourly Rate: $200 - $300

Min. Project Size: $10,000


Key Clients

For 29 (!) years we have served clients in every category and on three continents. We once said we did everything except automotive and fragrance, but then we did those, too. We have served clients of every size, from startups to Fortune 100 big hitters.

Currently, we are working with B2B products and services, B2C productsand services, a retailer or two, high-tech, NFP and education. Despite years of beverage experience, no current clients, so we're thirsty for one.

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Killian Branding:
1113 West Armitage Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614
+1 703-444-0505

Focus Areas/Specialities

  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile & App Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Advertising
  • Branding
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Strategy
    • Naming
    • Visual Identity
  • Content Marketing
  • Logo


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