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Column Five was founded in 2009, by Ross Crooks, Jason Lankow and Josh Ritchie in Orange County, CA. Currently based in Orange County, CA and Brooklyn, Column Five is a full-service content marketing agency, that offers content strategy, creation, and distribution services.

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Founded : 2009

Employees : 50 - 249

Avg Hourly Rate: $150 - $199

Min. Project Size: $10,000


Key Clients

Microsoft, Linkedin, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, Marketo, UC Berkely, Nike, Red Bull, Human Rights Campaign, Donors Choose, GE, The World Bank, Pacific Life, Deloitte, SAP, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, Vanguard, A24, USA Today, Citrix, VM Ware, Oracle

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Column Five:
20 Jay Street, Suite 704
Brooklyn, New York 11201
+1 703-444-0505

Column Five:
5151 California Ave., Suite 230
Irvine, California 92617
+1 703-444-0505

Focus Areas/Specialities

  • Digital Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Branding
    • Brand Messaging
    • Brand Strategy
    • Naming
    • Visual Identity
  • Content Marketing


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