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Founded in 2001 by Christian Pinkston, the Pinkston Group works with a select group of clients to create and execute media strategies that meet their public relations objectives, whether creating or growing a brand, promoting or launching products or books, influencing legislation, or avoiding or... [More]

Alexandria, Virginia  Employees: 10 - 49 Avg. Hourly Rate: $150 - $199 /hr

Pandemic Labs

The Social Media Agency of Record
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Pandemic Labs is a Boston-based social media marketing agency dedicated to helping brands navigate the ever-changing world of new media to create marketing success. Though technology is central to many of our service offerings, we do not define ourselves by any specific set of technologies. The t... [More]

Manassas, Virginia  Employees: 10 - 49 Avg. Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 /hr

Marker Seven

Helping Brands Navigate the Web
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Founded in 2000 and headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Richmond VA and Vancouver BC, Marker Seven is an award-winning digital agency with over a decade of experience. Marker Seven specializes in working with pioneering businesses and organizations that need to tell a clear brand story... [More]

Richmond, Virginia  Employees: 10 - 49 Avg. Hourly Rate: $150 - $199 /hr


Award Winning Design | Enterprise WP Development
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Washington, DC Web Design and Development Agency | WordPress | Handcrafted Websites | Responsive Design Materiell was founded in Northern Virginia as CMS Advertising Group in 2009 by an accomplished team of designers, developers, and web strategists. We are a local custom web andcreative agency ... [More]

Arlington, Virginia  Employees: 10 - 49 Avg. Hourly Rate: $100 - $149 /hr

WDG The Web Development Group

We solve web challenges with data driven decisions
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The Web Development Group creates successful user experiences and crafts compelling Digital Strategy for all business verticals -- large corporate businesses, government enterprises, nonprofit organizations and startup high tech businesses, just to name a few. We have serviced hu... [More]

Alexandria, Virginia  Employees: 10 - 49 Avg. Hourly Rate: $150 - $199 /hr

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